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Snowball maker & launcher. - Watch It In Action!

What people are saying

  • They throw further than expected

    "Seems to be my kids favorite snow toy so far. They keep trying to see who can hit the tip of the light pole. Highly recommended."

  • Kids love them!

    "Perfect stocking stuffer and makes playing in the snow fun for all!"

  • Must have for snowball fights!

    "OMG! I love this snowball stick! It really does work and its super easy. It's exactly as pictured. You just put it in the snow and pull it up."

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SnoFling is best enjoyed with friends!

Snowball Launcher That Keeps Hands Warm

Make and throw snowballs farther without touching the snow.  SnoFling keeps hands warm and dry!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it make snowballs? How does it work?

The SnoFling makes a perfect snowball.  The user stamps the Snofling into the snow which packs the snow into the cone shaped end.  The snowball can then be launched by a throwing motion of the SnoFling.  Both creating and throwing the snowball is done with the SnoFling without the user touching the snow.   

I remember these from when I was a kid! Is this the same SnoFling?

Yes, this is the Original SnoFling! We've been around for over 40 years and have sold over 6,000,000 SnoFlings.

What is the SnoFling made from?

The SnoFling is made from high impact plastic which provides great flexibility and strength.

How big is the SnoFling?

The SnoFling measures 22 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces.

What type of snow works best?

The SnoFling works best in moist snow.  Dry powder snow doesn't contain enough moisture to make a snowball, so wait for a bit of sun to melt the snow.

How far can a SnoFling throw a snowball?

The SnowFling is capable of throwing snowballs up to 50 yards with a bit of practice.