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SnoFling - Snowball Maker and Launcher

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SnoFling is best enjoyed with friends!

Let the fun begin

This thing really works!  Make and launch snowballs while keeping your hands warm and dry.  Easy to use.  Adults love them too!  Perfect stocking stuffer or neighbor gift. 

Launch snowballs over trees, down the end of the street or even aim for that towering street light that seems impossible to hit.  Throw snowball up to 50 yards with practice. The funnest snow toy for over 40 years.

Remember the good old days of laughing, giggling, and playing outside? Kids playing with friends and family makes for the best of times.  Create endless memories of fun that will last a lifetime.  See how far you can throw.  Have the ultimate snowball fight with all your friends. Use the bugle noisemaker at the end of the Snofling to signal your friends that the fun is about to begin.  Choose from bright colors to stand out in the snow.  Made from high-impact grade plastic that is built to last.