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10 Amazing Snow Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

If the idea of snow has you dreading long days with bored and house-bound kids, never fear! We've got you covered.

We put together a list of 10 amazing snow day activities to do with your kids next time it snows.

These ideas will keep the kids occupied - even entertained! And they'll give you a great chance to bond and reconnect.

We put the best idea of all last. Let's take a look.

10 Amazing Snow Day Activities

Snow days can mean kids trapped inside, complaining about having 'nothing to do'. They are actually a brilliant opportunity for fun activities that bring you together as a family.

They give us new ways for our children to learn and different ways to channel their energy. So turn those screens off, and tune in to our list of 10 amazing snow day activities.

Why not print it now and have it on the fridge ready for when the next attack of snow day cabin fever!

1. Play Snow Tic-Tac-Toe

Or should we say Tic Tac Snow? To play Snow Tic Tac Toe, mark out a grid in the snow. Use crisscrossed twigs for crosses and pinecones for noughts.

You can join in the fun or leave them to it.

2. Play Snow Detective

Have the kids find animal prints and other marks in the snow.

Ask that they hypothesize what it is and how it got there. The more inventive their detective stories the better!

This might be the beginnings of future detectives or scientists. It develops creativity and critical thinking - all while having great fun outside in the fresh air.

3. Forget Snowmen - Make a Zoo!

Once they've warmed up with a snowman, go for broke! Have them make a list of their favorite zoo animals and sculpt them one by one from snow.

Buttons, carrots, feather dusters and old socks are all great items to give them to embellish their snow zoo sculptures. Ask if they can name them all and tell you what each one eats and where in the world in lives.

4. Bubble Bubbles Everywhere!

Pull out some bubble makers and get outdoors. Have the kids watch bubbles freeze on the wand.

This is a great chance to talk about water and ice, liquids and solids.

Always ask them for their ideas about what is happening before you explain the science. They'll be more likely to listen if you've given them time to think of ideas and ask questions first, the first part of the scientific method.

5. Make Snow Art

A bit of snow gives you the chance to get painting. Not inside - out there in the snow.

For this one, best to dress kids in their muck-about clothes. Give them each some food color mixed with water in droppers or spray bottles.

Then let them make a colorful landscape out of the snow-covered yard.

6. Let Them Make Snow Cakes

This ones best for younger kids. Fill a basket with some old cookie cutters and cake molds and have them create a cake shop for snow cakes.

Like mud cakes, but makes for a much easier cleanup!

They can decorate their cakes with sticks, rocks, and gravel, or whatever bits of dried fruit from the kitchen you'll let them use to play.

7. A Snow Golf Tournament

Try snow golf!

Pull out the mini golf kit golf sticks, and some old tins. You can bury the tins in a little snow to make for snow put-put golf.

Watch the kids get creative with obstacles that boost the difficulty of the course. They can make bridges with hollowed out tissue boxes, tunnels with pipes, and speed bumps with twigs.

There's no end to the fun in playing and the creativity in building a game of snow mini golf.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Find a bunch of colorful articles around the house, and hide them in the snowy yard. Leave just a tiny bit of each article popping out.

Drape scarves from trees. Have vegetables pop out of snow behind rocks or other objects.

Get ready for giggles and laughter as the kids find these colorful hidden articles in a snow day scavenger hunt.

9. Snowball Sports

For snowball sports, spread a few hula hoops in the yard with different scores attached to each.

The kids can get into snowball-throwing as a sport.

You'll be sneakily getting them to do the math as they tally up their scores.

For a high-scoring version of this game - where the hula hoops will need to be much further away, check out the last of our snow day ideas - the SnoFling!

10. Get a SnoFling

Have you heard of the SnoFling? These babies will have young and older kids alike entertained for hours. Not to mention mum and dad.

You wanted the kids active and out of the house, right? With the SnoFling the problem will be getting them to come back inside at the end of the day.

With TheSnoFling, you can throw snow up to 50 yards with a bit of practice - and the kids will get plenty of practice, we promise!

The SnoFling is made from high impact plastic and even includes a horn in the handle! It weighs only 3.5 oz so small kids won't have any problem using them.

There's a reason over 6 million have sold!

They're available in green, yellow pink and orange. Get them in different colors so everyone knows whose is whose!

Once Snow Day Fun Is Finished

Our last tip is about what you'll need once all that outdoor snow fun is finished. No home is ready for snow without marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Stock up so that after all this fun outdoor play, you can get the kids dry and warm inside, sipping on delicious hot chocolate.

This is the time we love having the kids draw pictures or write stories about their snow day fun to keep as memories.

It's cliche but true that with young kids the days are long while the years fly by. Take photos and hold onto their pictures of these special days of bonding under snowy skies.

Get Ready for Snow Day Fun with a SnoFling

If you're used to thinking of snow days as a hassle, it's time to change your way of thinking. They're an opportunity to have your kids try new activities, and an opportunity to bond with them.

With something like the SnoFling, you can have them outside in fresh air exercising. Like we all used to do as kids but which has become rare.

So print this list so you're ready with snow day activities. And why not buy a couple of SnoFlings for the whole family now, so you're ready for snow day fun at the first sight of snow!

Grab one online here today.