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A Great Snow Toy that Really Works

As a parent during the winter months I would always seek out new ideas to keep my kids occupied outside during the winter months.  The snow can provide a place of adventure that can only be found outside.  

Snofling Snowball Thrower

Building a snowman is always at the top of the list.  Snow forts are even better.  I would always use a bucket to make larger size bricks for a big snow fort.  

Sledding is a blast but not everyone has access to a hill.  For some it may require some travel.  In the mean time what are some good snow toys that work great just out side the front door?

As a kid my favorite snow toy was The Snofling.   The Snofling has been around for over fifty years and has proven itself as a great winter snow toy.  Kids and adults can make and throw snowballs over fifty yards.  

It allows kids to play in the snow while keeping their hands warm and dry.  The Snofling works best when the snow is a little moist, just like making a snowball.  Here is a quick video link of how it works.  

I played with the Snofling as a kid over 35 years ago.  My kids play with them every winter with all of their friends.  They are a blast and fun for all ages.  Check out the Snofling snow toy for your self.  

In the mean time enjoy the snow!