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How to Win a Snowball Fight

Turning snow into snowballs is one of the world's universal truths, like taxes or simple math or water being wet. A rare snowfall in Rome had priests lobbing snow in the Vatican city. Russians play a game called snowballs.

Japan has even turned it into a professional sport.

Playing outside in winter is invigorating. It encourages full body muscle use, and can help you sleep better. What's better than having a snowball fight for some outdoor winter fun? Winning one!

Develop your winning strategy with these tips.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It's much easier to win a war with a good team. Choose a captain, and assign snipers, engineers, and troops. Send someone on a recon mission so you can get the lay of the land and formulate a plan of attack.
It helps to know your teammates on a personal level and to be well-matched. You don't have to subject everyone to an Enneagram or a Facebook Personality test, but get a general sense of skills and weak spots.

When you're picking teams, don't go for brute strength. Pick your patient pals who won't immediately blow the whole stash. Longevity is the game.

Build a Bunker

If you're taking the snowball fight game seriously--and you should be, snowball fights don't happen every day--dedicate some time to building bunkers.

Roll some giant snowballs or pack snow in tubs to make bricks. Stack them about four feet high in an alternating pattern. Strengthen the wall by spraying it with water.

Secure your flag, and get ready to defend your territory.

Take the High Ground

When deciding where to build your bunker, always go for the higher terrain. If there's a hill, get to the top of it. Try to be casual about it, so no one catches on to the advantage.

Gravity is the unsung hero of a snowball battle. It's easier to throw down than to throw uphill. Being at the top of a hill also gives you the chance to bowl giant snowballs into the enemy bunker, delivering devastating blows to its structural integrity.

Surround the Enemy

Battling from the front lines isn't always enough. It's best to strike from all sides if possible.

Send out a couple of your sneakiest troopers with a hidden arsenal. If anyone notices and asks where they're going, blame a bathroom break.

Send them behind enemy lines to make a surprise attack. The confusion will give your team a leg up, while the point-blank invasion wastes valuable artillery.

Use the Right Tools

Any job can be easy with the right tools. Have a few options for making snowballs, and know your snow.

Heavy, tacky snow is the perfect candidate for a snowball maker. There are some that look like tongs, some that look like waffle makers. You could even get a snowball maker/launcher hybrid.

In the event of dry snow, use your bare hands to make your snowballs. The heat from your hands melts the snow enough to give it the moisture needed to stick together.

Pack firmly. You want a nice weight. Use trashcan lids for shields and for munitions transport.

If you really want to up your game, make your own weaponry. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has free plans available for his ridiculously fun, gas powered snowball machine gun.

Hoard Ammunition

Let the other team fire first. Throw deliberately, and hoard your ammunition. Set up piles around your bunker and in undisclosed locations, in case it comes to one last standoff.

The team with the most ammo will win, hands down. Be the team with the most ammo.

Perfect Your Snowball Fight Technique

Your throwing technique matters. This is your chance to live out your Little League pitching dreams.

Don't take your eyes off your target. Wind up, and follow through, fully extending your arm straight in front of you.

Perfect the art of the changeup.

Fastballs are the expected choice in snowball games. Alternate high and slow underhand tosses to disorient the other team. While they're waiting for the ball to drop, sneak in a fast one.

Create a Diversion

Harness your inner Elsa and summon a snow beast. If there aren't any Marshmallow Snow Monsters available, send out your dog. Dress your pup in a funny costume and release him onto the battlefield.

Have you seen the Ewok costume with the little stuffed arms that makes it look like the dog is a cute, ambling Ewok teddy bear? No one can look away from that. It's the perfect distraction.

The commotion will buy you enough time to get reorganized. Plus, dogs love catching snowballs, so you're doing your dog a favor at the same time.

Resort to Espionage

An epic snowball fight is not the time to play fair. Play by the rules, of course--no snow to the face, no ice or rocks in the snow. But be creative.

There are defectors in every war. Try to pick off an opponent that seems open to a bribe.

Cookies are great. Pizza is a fantastic bribe. Maybe promise some hot cocoa or straight up money.

Then infiltrate your adversary from the inside. It's just insidious enough to work!

Play Messy If You Have To

If you're desperate for a Hail Mary, it's time to get a little messy. Keep a vial of food coloring in your pocket to mix up a batch of some dreaded yellow snow.

Sprinkle four or five drops on the snow, and mix it up with a stick. Use your snowball launcher to tamp down a snowball, and send out a warning call. Your laughter will give you away, but it will be worth it.

Are You in It to Win?

Are you ready to win your next snowball fight? With stakes so high, you want every advantage you can get. Find a good team, emphasize organization, and you're in with a chance.

You've already got the upper hand of research. Make sure your equipment is up to the challenge. Try out a SnoFling to take your snowball delivery to the next level.