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Snowball Maker

Snowball fights make memories that last a lifetime.  

What better way to use the snow that for many makes for a long winter.

While I was young, I always looked for a good snowball maker.  I wanted the best way to make snowballs without making my hand go numb.  You see, snowball fights are a bit of an art form.  Not always does one have gloves on hand.  Spontaneous snow battles are a right of passage.  It is part of growing up in the colder parts of the world.  The key is to make a few snowballs at once.  Rapid fire capability is essential to having the edge over your foes.

At ten years of age I discovered the most amazing snowball maker called the Snofling!  It allowed me to make snowballs at a rapid rate and throw them much farther then my friends.  I could launch snowballs at my friends down the street as they hid for cover.  This snow toy was a game changer!  

No longer did my hands get cold and wet!  I began to improve my aim as I tried for other targets like the street lamp at the corner of my house.  I launched snowballs over my house and even over large trees.  

As an adult I still enjoy playing in the snow especially after a good snow storm.  I have bought these same Snoflings for my children.  I watch as they use this snowball maker to create their own memories of playing in the snow.  They enjoy the same challenges that I did years ago.  How far can they throw?  It's up to each child to find out.  

Check out the Snofling snowball maker.  For over 35 years kids have been using this snow toy.  You won't be disappointed.